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Vision (Eyesight) Screening

The StEPS (Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening) program offers all 4 - 5 year old children free vision screening. NSW Health advises all children have their vision screened before they start school and strongly recommends that all 4-year-old children participate in the vision screening program.

Why have your child's vision screened?

Children rarely complain of eye problems or realise that they can't see well. The only way to tell if a child has a vision problem is to have the child's vision tested one eye at a time.

Some children can see well with one eye, but have very poor vision in the other eye. Children's eyes may look ok and parents/carers might think that their child can see well, but some children might still have a vision problem.

The only way to tell if a child has a vision problem is to have the child's vision tested one eye at a time.

How can your child access the StEPS program?

Hunter New England Local Health District will target preschools and child care centres to offer all four-year-old children a free vision screening. You will need to complete a consent form and return it to your child's preschool/childcare centre.

If your child is unable to make the vision screening day and are in the Greater Newcastle area, you can also attend one of our clinics, see below clinic dates. For further information please contact StEPS Administration on 4924 6656.

Did you know?
  • If a child has a 'lazy eye', it may lead to severe vision loss or blindness in that eye if not treated.
  • If a child has a vision problem, the earlier the problem is detected and treated the better the vision outcome.
  • If parents wear glasses or had vision problems as a child, their children are more likely to have vision problems too.
  • After eight years of age some childhood vision problems cannot be treated and the child will have poor vision for the rest of their life - glasses won't help.
  • Low birth weight babies and children with neurological problems are at a greater risk of developing eye problems.

If you have a newborn baby, read the 'Your baby's eyes' fact sheet to learn more about your baby's developing eyes.

Hunter region vision clinics

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Contact the StEPS Coordinator

Alison Boehme
Phone: (02) 6538 5071

Phone: (02) 4924 6656
Email: HNELHD-StEPSProgram@health.nsw.gov.au

Wallsend 4924 6656

Singleton 0400 318 765

Inverell 6721 9619

Tamworth 0417 546 976