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Paediatric Bereavement Coordinator

The Paediatric Bereavement Coordinator (PBC) aims to ensure that after the death of a child, all bereaved families in our district have access to the counselling, advocacy, resources, education and support they need in their grief.

What does the Paediatric Bereavement Coordinator do?

The PBC position is a non-clinical Social Work role that was designed to:

  • Ensure equity in the resources and services bereaved families are offered after the loss of a child throughout the whole HNE LHD. This includes physical resources and follow up bereavement support by their local health team or referral to appropriate services.
  • Ensure that health staff, especially those in rural and remote areas are provided with the support, education and training required to work with and support families when a child dies.

The District Paediatric Bereavement packs

The District Paediatric Bereavement Pack was developed by the PBC, and it has been presented and dispersed to social workers throughout the HNEAH district to provide to bereaved parents. This pack provides families with information they may require after the death of a child, this includes information regarding managing grief in different age groups, grief resources, support services, fact sheets on planning a funeral for a child and how to access a mental health plan for grief counselling. To ensure that the bereavement pack is accessible to all health staff within the district, not just social workers in Hospitals, it is available through the links below. If for some reason, a pack is unable to be provided to a family at the time of death, a pack can be sent out in the mail or families can be directed to this site to access the information if appropriate. A link to information regarding what happens if a child’s death is referred to the Coroner is also added below.

Paediatric Bereavement Packs:

Link to Coroners information - sudi-what-happens-now.pdf (nsw.gov.au)

Contact details

Contact the Paediatric Bereavement Coordinator for further information and consultation.
Alicia Tremain
Wednesday and Friday 7:30am – 4pm
0472 625 884