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Audiology (Hearing Services)

Audiology at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital, provides specialist hearing services to patients of all ages as part of our care for Children, Young People and Families across the Hunter New England region. We also provide limited services to families from outside the Hunter New England area.

We provide hearing assessments for those who have been identified as having or being at risk of having a hearing loss by a specialist Hunter New England Health doctor. We may also accept referrals from other specialists and Hunter New England Health Allied Health practitioners.

Services we provide

We provide a range of hearing assessments that include:

  • Electrophysiological diagnostic audiology – Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE)
  • Tympanometry – middle ear test
  • Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry (VROA)
  • Play Audiometry
  • Diagnostic Audiology
Screening and diagnostic videos

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn Diagnostic Testing (Auditory Brainstem Response - ABR)

Otoacoustic Emissions Test

Tympanometry (Middle Ear Test)

Play Audiometry

Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry (VROA)

Hearing Aids - Preparation and Fitting

Cochlear Implants - surgery, wound check and switch on

External Resources for Families of Children with a Hearing Loss
How do you book an appointment?

Newborns may be referred to Audiology for an Infant Diagnostic Assessment by the SWISH Program. More information about SIWSH can be found here, https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/kidsfamilies/MCFhealth/child/pages/hearing-services.aspx

Children over the age of 6 months and Adults may be referred by an Ear Nose & Throat Specialist, Paediatrician and Oncologist. Referrals may also be considered from other HNEHealth Specialists and Allied Health practitioners.

Use SeNT eReferral to send referrals to HNELHD.  If your system does not support SeNT, you may FAX referral to (02) 49236414.

Referrals should clearly outline why the assessment is required including relevant ENT and other medical history. This will assist us to triage the referral appropriately. The patient will be contacted with appointment details following triage.

Other hearing services

If you are not able to be seen by our services you may be able to access hearing services via,

  • Child and Family Health Nursing provide hearing testing at a number of sites for children over the age of 3 ½ following a referral from a medical professional, speech pathologist's for clients in the LGA, child and family health nurse, schools/preschools, other health professionals. Referals are only accepted from the Newcastle, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie LGA's. They can be contacted on (02)4923 6920.
  • Children and young adults under the age of 26 years, with a confirmed hearing loss may be able to access services through the Government Hearing Services Program. Further information can be found at Hearing Australia, https://www.hearing.com.au/.
  • Adults may also be able to access the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. To check eligibility go to www.hearingservices.gov.au
  • Private hearing clinics are listed on the HNEHealth Community Health Pathways page here, https://hne.communityhealthpathways.org/19684.htm
Contact details

The Audiology Department is located on Level 2 - John Hunter Children’s Hospital (Near the JHH/JHCH Main Entrance. Opposite the cafĂ© chairs near the newsagent).

Phone: (0249 213550
Referrals fax: (02)49 236414
Email: HNELHD-JHCHAudiology@health.nsw.gov.au

NOTE: SWISH (Newborn Hearing Screening) can be contacted on (02) 49213555.