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Tamworth Child Protection Counselling

Provides counselling and case management to children, young people and their parents/carers where substantiated physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, DV. Priority is given to families in the Community Services Strengthening Families program, family preservation or restoration initiatives.

Geographical Area

Tamworth. Outreach as required to: Gunnedah, Quirindi, Barraba, Manilla, Nundle and Walcha.

Referral Eligibility Criteria

Referral must come from Community Services/ JIRT/ Children’s Court and case remain allocated within Community Services. Substantiated physical abuse, psychological abuse, neglect and/or domestic violence by Community Services.

Referral Exclusion Criteria

The initial investigation and/ or risk assessment is not yet complete and/ or abuse has not been substantiated. Sexual abuse is the primary issue; if it is deemed by Child Protection Counselling Services that there is an unacceptable level of risk to the children for therapeutic intervention to be effective and appropriate; involvement with family would violate an AVO or other court order; if the provision of Child Protection Counselling Services counselling would result in a duplication of services.

Who do we accept referrals from?

Family and Community Services (CS); Joint Investigation Response Team (JIRT); Children’s Court via CPCS referral.

Use SeNT eReferral to send referrals to HNELHD.  If your GP management system does not support SeNT, you may FAX referral.

Location and contact details

Child Protection Counselling Service:

Tamworth Community Health - Johnston House, Johnston Street, Tamworth, NSW 2348
Phone: (02) 6767 8100
Fax: (02) 6766 3967

Wheelchair Accessible: