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Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health


The Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health Service provides flexible and culturally appropriate care, support and education for Aboriginal women and non-Aboriginal women with Aboriginal partners during their pregnancy and after birth, and for their babies and children aged 0-5 years.

The team includes:

  • Aboriginal Health Education Officers
  • A Registered Midwife
  • A Child and Family Health Nurse

Visits may take place in your family home.

There is no charge for this service.

What services are provided?

Services include:

  • Antenatal and postnatal maternity care and support
  • Child and Family Primary Health Care, including assessment and monitoring of growth and development in young children, assistance with feeding and nutrition, assistance with sleep and settling and immunisation
  • Provision of education and support to enhance positive and enjoyable parenting.
  • Provision of education - about child safety, toilet training, behaviour and parenting practices, development, play activities, looking after teeth, immunisation, postnatal depression and adjustment to parenthood.
  • Information and referral to local services such as play groups, self help and support groups

Location and contact details  

To refer to the Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health service phone:

Aboriginal Health Education Officer
0428 716 332

Community Midwife
0439 882 837

To refer to the Building Strong Foundations Child and Family Health Service phone:

Aboriginal Health Education Officer
0417 834 754

Child and Family Health Nurse
0408 610 223