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Fact Sheets

Baby teeth - Why baby teeth are important
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Dental checks - How to check a child's teeth and when to visit a dental professional.
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Messages for a healthy mouth - 5 ways to keep a child's teeth and mouth healthy: eat well, drink well, clean well, stay well, play well.
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Pregnancy and a healthy mouth - How to keep your teeth and gums healthy during pregnancy.
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Teach your baby to drink from a cup - a guide for parents who have a baby 6-18 months of age.
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Tips for healthy meals and snacks - healthy meal ideas for children.
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Tooth Brushing - when you should start brushing a child's teeth and the technique.
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Tooth decay in young children - what causes tooth decay and how to prevent it.
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Lift the lip - a simple guide to help adults check their own teeth and their children's teeth for early signs of tooth decay.
Available languages: Arabic, Chinese Traditional, Dinka, Lao, Farsi, English, Japanese, Hindi, Khmer, Pushto, Korean, Samoan, Thai, Somali, Turkish, Vietnamese


Pre-school and school aged children

Advice for children 0-5 years.

Advice for children and young people 6-17 years.

Lift the Lip (Check your child's teeth) - checking your child's teeth.

Protecting tiny teeth - this resource provides information on the reasons for and how to avoid early childhood tooth decay.

See my Smile - looking for early signs of tooth decay

Other useful links

Good for kids, good for life - resources designed to support Early Childhood Education and Care Services and Schools to promote health eating and physical activity.

Healthy Kids - on this website you will find kid friendly recipes, ideas for physical activity and practical ways to improve nutrition.

Make Healthy Normal - resources to assist in chnaging lifestyle and eating habits.

Rethink your sugary drink - highlights the amount of sugar in sweetned beverages such as soft drink, energy drinks and sports drinks.

Your Dental Health - Australian Dental Association