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Types of Care

There are different places and ways that you can receive care. Here are some of the more common ones that you may use or hear about.


Inpatient care is any care that requires your child to stay at the hospital overnight for one or more nights. This may include care for a surgery, procedure or treatment.

As an inpatient, your child’s care will be closely monitored by the healthcare team in the hospital throughout their stay.

For more information about what to expect when staying at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital see the HNEkids webpage Admission to the Children's Hospital | HNE Kids (nsw.gov.au)


Outpatient care is care given through a clinic that you visit during the day (no overnight stay). You will usually make or be given an appointment time to attend the clinic. Outpatient clinics have specialist teams made up of doctors, nurses, allied health and support staff who provide check-ups and treatment for different conditions.

Outpatient care may also be used for some minor surgeries or procedures that do not need an overnight stay.

For more information about visiting an outpatient clinic with your child at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital or John Hunter Hospital see the HNEkids webpage Clinics | HNE Kids (nsw.gov.au).

Day Only Admission

Day only admissions are used for some surgeries and procedures that don’t need your child to stay at the hospital overnight. This means that your child would arrive at the hospital, have their surgery or procedure, and go home on the same day.

Hospital in the Home (HITH)

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is a service that allows for some patients to be treated at home or in a clinic rather than staying in hospital. This can save families from having to stay in hospital. Whether this is offered to your child is based on their treatment needs.


Telehealth is a way for you and your child to have online appointments with health professionals. Telehealth allows your healthcare team to connect with you over phone or video call, whether you are at home or another location. It may be offered by your healthcare team, or you can ask if it is available when making an appointment.

Community Health

Community Health covers lots of different services. Click here for the full list: Community Health Services

Gate Leave

If your child needs to stay in hospital for a long period, your child’s healthcare team may speak to you about a leave pass or gate leave. This will allow you to take your child out of hospital for a short amount of time before returning at an agreed time. Gate leave will only be offered if the healthcare team agree that it is safe for your child to be away from the hospital.