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Welcome to the HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Service

What is the service about?

The HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Service is a short-term program dedicated to supporting children with multiple complex medical conditions.

We understand that navigating various healthcare services can be overwhelming and often fragmented. Our mission is to streamline this journey for children and their families by improving how everyone works together to care for these children.

What does the program include?

The program is run by the HNEkids Complex Care Coordinator, who supports families with:

Goal setting

Working with families to set goals for their child's care and develop a plan to achieve them.

Team communication

Supporting communication within the child's healthcare team.

Appointment bookings

Helping to book medical appointments.

Transport bookings

Assisting with arranging transport for medical appointments or procedures.


Helping families to find and complete paperwork related to their child's medical needs.

Understanding the system

Helping families to learn more about the health system and their role within it.

Keeping you connected

Connecting families with a member of the HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Network (a group of paediatric staff from across HNELHD) for ongoing support after the program.