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Working with your child's school

The information below can help families, schools, and health services work together. When services work together, they can support your child or young person in the best way possible.

Top tips for working with your child's school

  1. Let the school know about any changes in your child's health.
  2. Tell the school if there are any appointments that might make your child miss school.
  3. Arrange a meeting at school where you can work out expectations and roles of the people involved in your child’s care.
  4. Talk to the school often and share information with them.

Keeping your child's school involved

School is often a big part of a child/young person's life and can be a great source of support for your child. Your child's school may need to know some information about your child's health so that they can support them as they learn. Here are some ways to keep your child's school involved:

  • Organise a key contact person at the school for your family.
  • Decide how your family will share information between home, school, and hospital (e.g. face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, phone calls or emails).
  • Speak with your child's school about things that your child may need on excursions or camps to make sure that your child can join in safely (e.g. equipment or medication).
  • Share any relevant documents with the school (e.g. specialist recommendations, reports, medical action plans).
  • Help your child find the right words to explain their health condition to their teachers and peers.
  • Have a discussion with your child about what information needs to be shared with the school. Respecting your child's privacy is important.

Staying in touch with school friends

Helping your child to stay in touch with their friends when they are away from school for long periods (e.g. a long hospital stay) can help them to feel connected and less worried about going back to school.

John Hunter Children's Hospital School

If your child is staying at John Hunter Children's Hospital, they may be able to enrol in the Hospital School. The Hospital School is connected to the NSW Department of Education and Training and offers schooling programs to children from years K-12.

Parents can enrol their children if they are currently enrolled at a school and have the approval of their child's medical team.

See the Hospital School page for more information.

Other Resources

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