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What families can expect from the service

What to expect from the program

The HNEkids Complex Care Coordinator will work closely with you during appointments to set goals and plans for your child's care. By working closely with your care coordinator, you can expect a thorough approach to managing your child's healthcare needs.

Families will typically spend six months enrolled in the program. Towards the end of the program, your family will be connected with a member of the HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Network, who will become your main contact person for care coordination after you have finished the program.

Here is the usual process that most families can expect as they move through the program:


Please understand that the HNEkids Complex Care Coordinator does not:

  • Replace communication between you and your child's health team.
  • Help with non-medical appointments or transport.
  • Provide support that is not related to your child's medical care.
  • Control the decisions of organisations that operate outside of NSW Health (e.g. NDIS plans/funding, non-government organisation support, transport, appointments etc.).
  • Provide medical advice.

Your important role

We really value your help in planning your child's care. What you and your child think and notice helps us understand what's needed. With your input, we can make a plan that fits what your family wants. We know families are super busy, but here's how you can help the care process work best:

  • Come to / join online for all appointments. They help us all stay on the same page.
  • When we send messages, try to reply quickly.
  • Join in with the planning. Your input is important.

Being a part of our service means we're in this together. When families join in fully, things work smoother and faster. This also lets us work more efficiently to help more kids. By teaming up during this busy care time, we can get the best results for your child.

Let us know how we are doing

If you're currently a part of our HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Service or have been in the past, we'd really like to know what you think. Your feedback helps us improve and serve all our kids and families better. Thank you for being a part of our community. Click here to share your experience with us.

If you would like to give feedback about any of the services in HNEkids Health, follow the information here.