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Accessing the service

The HNEkids Complex Care Coordination Service caters to the most medically complex children in the Hunter New England region.

Service eligibility

To be eligible for the service, children must:

  • Access HNEkids health services within Hunter New England Local Health District.
  • Have a diagnosis expected to last longer than 12 months.
  • Need specialty medical support under three or more specialty teams dealing with different organ systems (this can be predicted for infants).
  • No existing key person already coordinating care within a multidisciplinary team.
  • There is potential to facilitate a more coordinated approach.

The importance of early referrals

Early referral allows the HNEkids Complex Care Coordinator time to create a care coordination plan and begin supporting the family before any coordination challenges arise - potentially avoiding these challenges all together.

To access the service, a referral from a healthcare professional is required.


For more information or to request a referral form, contact the HNEkids Complex Care Coordinator:

Ph: 0477 688 299  |  Email: hnelhd-hnekidscomplexcare@health.nsw.gov.au