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Information for children

Would you like to know more about what going to hospital might be like?

Below is a video about Franklin the turtle and his first time in hospital. There is also a video about Captain Starlight and some information about places you might visit when you go to John Hunter Children's Hospital.

Franklin goes to the hospital

Watch the video below to hear a story about Franklin (a brave little turtle) and his first ever visit to hospital.

Look out for Captain Starlight!

Captain Starlight is a superhero who can help you to forget your worries and have fun while you stay in hospital.

At John Hunter Children's Hospital you can see Captain Starlight around the ward or in Starlight Express Room - a fun zone where you can play games, do some art, watch a movie, play video games, join in competitions and more!

If you can't get out to the Starlight Express Room or are staying at a different hospital, don't worry! You can still watch Starlight TV or log into Planet Starlight from your hospital bed.

Online fun at Planet Starlight

Planet Starlight is an online place to have fun, watch live shows, play games and join in with activities when you are in hospital, in a waiting room or even at home!

To visit Planet Starlight and start having fun click here: Planet Starlight

Fun areas in John Hunter Children's Hospital

If your family is visiting John Hunter Children’s Hospital, there are a few fun places that you should know about:

You can use these places to take a break and have some fun outside of the hospital wards and waiting rooms.

For a video tour of these areas click here.