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Admission and discharge

External Ventricular Drain

Mucous Fistula Re-feeding


Palliative Care: CADD Pump

Palliative Care: BD Bodyguard T

TPN and lipids

NG Tube Insertion

Nitrous Setup

Accessing a Central Venous Line

Port Accessing and De-accessing

PIVC Taping

Clinical Bedside Handover

Clinical Bedside handover

CIC Video

PICC Dressing

PICC Removal

Palliative care: insertion of saf-t-intima

Tracheostomy Management

Application of Hamilton- Russell Traction

CADD Pump Setup: Oncology

Bellovac Drain

CVAD: Taking Blood Cultures

Factor Preparation

Paediatric ECG

Paediatric Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Chest Drain Management

Removal of Tunnelled Non-Cuffed and Non-Tunnelled Non-Cuffed CVC

Central Venous Line Dressing