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IAP monitoring
Capillary blood sampling
Transitioning to HFNC from CPAP
Medin miniflow alternating interfaces
Cardiac Doppler for memory making
Sterile garb for CVL access in the NICU

Setting up a UWSD

Setting up the arctic sun in the NICU

Inhaled nitric oxide through bubble CPAP

How to make a nest for developmental care

Using a ZAKY hand

Priming an arterial line

Checking and preparing the SLE6000 ventilator

Setting up for securing a PIVC

Using a ZAKY hand in NICU/ SCU

Supporting parent lead kangaroo care

Checking and preparing the Inhaled Nitric Oxide DSIR

Sampling from an arterlial line

aEEG monitoring in the NICU

Connecting the Inhaled Nitric Oxide DSIR to the SLE6000 Ventilator