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High Risk Hip Surveillance Service


The High Risk Hip Surveillance Service focuses on the regular screening x-ray assessment for children with cerebral palsy and other neurodevelopmental conditions with the purpose of facilitating early identification and intervention for children with progressive hip subluxation.

Services provided:
  • X-ray monitoring of hips as per the Australian Hip Surveillance Guidelines for Children with Cerebral Palsy (2014)
  • Provision of recommendations for ongoing surveillance
  • Provision of Medical Specialist referral to facilitate early intervention for progressive hip subluxation
  • Capacity to meet and assess children in face to face clinical assessment if necessary

Services are provided by:
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Physiotherapist

  • Dr Heather Burnett - Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Ann Leonard - Physiotherapist
  • Erin Ralph - Physiotherapist