Visiting General Wards

There are no restrictions on visiting hours for parents. For all other visitors, visiting hours are between 9am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. Please note the quiet time for our patients is between 1pm-3pm.

In accordance with Hospital ‘Lockdown' procedures, any person remaining on the Wards after 9pm will be asked to sign the after hour register. Nursing staff will direct you to the sign-in book.

Visiting the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is situated on Level 3 of the John Hunter Hospital, next door to the Delivery Suite and opposite Ward J3.

Parents and siblings are welcome in the nursery, and visiting is very liberal. However we do strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

Hand hygiene

To reduce the risk of infection for your baby we ask all parents and visitors to wash their hands every time they enter the nursery. It is necessary to remove bracelets and watches, remove jackets & coats, roll sleeves up and wash arms up to the elbows.  We also require all visitors to gel there hands with Aquim gel kept at each baby's bed side prior to any contact with the baby or his/her equipment. A handout is available for further information - please ask the nurse looking after your baby.

Visiting guidelines

  • No visitors unless they are accompanied by a parent or the parent gives permission by notifying the NICU staff.  You may write a visitor list and leave it by your baby's bed side.
  • Only 2 visitors at the baby's bed side at any one time and this number includes parents.
  • Visitors who have a cold, influenza, cold sore, diarrhoea or vomiting or any other infection please check with the nursing staff before entering the nursery.
  • We request that when you visit, you stay by your baby's bed side and do not visit other babies.
  • We have a code of confidentiality in the nursery, so no information will be given to any visitor other than the parents.
  • Please ensure that footwear is worn in the nursery at all times. The reason we ask this is because sometimes accidental breakages or spillages may put you at risk.
  • Please observe the signs placed around the NICU. These have been placed to make the nursery environment better for your baby.
  • Visitors are NOT permitted to have hot drinks or food in the patient care areas of the NICU
  • Please do NOT use mobile phones in the NICU as they may interfere with the working of our equipment and create a noise hazard for sick babies.
  • Please do not leave any valuables unattended on the unit.

Visiting hours

Parents may visit their baby at any time of the day.

Quiet time is 1pm - 3pm daily.  This is your baby's rest or sleep time, which gives the baby a break from the normally bright and busy environment of the NICU.  Parents only are welcome to visit at this time.

The nursery may be closed at other times during the day for sterile procedures or at very busy times. This is at the discretion of the staff. We do hope that this does not cause any inconvenience to you or your visitors.


Parking at the Hospital i.e. on the Ranking Park Campus, is managed by InterPark, fees are time-charged on an hourly basis. Given the high demand for visitor parking at this site turnover of visitor parking spaces, particularly during peak periods, is needed so that more people can access parking.

Parking concessions are available for disabled and concession cardholders.

Visitor Parking Rates for Rankin Park Campus



Less than 20 mins


20min - 1hr


1-2 hrs


2-3 hrs


>3 hrs


7 Day Unlimited Weekly Pass



Pension Card, DVA Card,Mobility Permit, Health Care Card

<20 min


20min -1hr $2.50
1-2hrs $2.50
2-3hrs $5.00
3-4hrs $6.00
4hrs-5hrs $7.00
>5hrs $8.00

Places to Eat

A number of food services are available on the Hospital campus.

Cosy Kooka's Cafeteria is located on level 1 between ward H1 and J1. Sandwiches, hot food, drinks and snacks are available. The cafeteria is open from 7am - 6.30pm daily. Dining hours are between 11.30am - 1.45pm and 4.30pm - 6.30pm.

Grab and Go Go Café is located on level 2, inside and to the left of the main John Hunter entrance. Sandwiches, drinks, snacks and hot meals are available. Grab and Go Go is open between 7am - 9pm weekdays and 9am - 6.30pm weekends.

Central 1 Food Court and Baratza's Coffee Bar is located in the Royal Newcastle Centre and provides hot meals and gourmet sandwiches. Central 1 operates from 7am - 7.00pm weekends.

Vending machines are available outside Cosy Kooka's Cafeteria and throughout the Hospital.

NB: Please remember that hot drinks are not permitted on the wards.

Gift Shop

KC's Gift Shoppe is located inside the main foyer on level 2. Baby clothing, pre-loved books and clothing, sweets, cards, toys and toiletries are available for purchase.

Volunteers operate the KC's Gift Shoppe from 8am - 4.30pm weekdays and 9am - 3pm weekends.

Contact us

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
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Ward J2
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Ward H1
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