HNEkids Rehab Services


The Paediatric Rehabilitation Service supports children and young people primarily residing with the Northern Child Health Network (NCHN) who, due to congenital or acquired conditions, are experiencing a significant loss of function or ability and will benefit from time-limited, goal-focussed, developmentally-appropriate, medically led multidisciplinary rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation service aims to enable children and young people with a significant loss of function due to illness, injury or disease to attain the highest possible level of function and participation and to minimise their long term health care and support needs.

Paediatric Rehabilitation Service comprises of:

  1. Paediatric Rehabilitation Inpatient Service: which is provided as a partnership between
  • John Hunter Children’s Hospital (JHCH) staff including allied health, Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs), ward staff and staff specialists
  • KPRS medical and nursing staff
  • Patients and their families
  1.  Specialist Community Based Rehabilitation Services:
  1. Cerebral Palsy Movement Disorders Service
  2. Paediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team
  3. Spina Bifida Service
  4. General Physical Rehabilitation Service
  5. Complex Care Service


Paediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy Movement Disorder Service

Cerebral Palsy Hip Surveillance Service

Complex Care Service

General Physical Rehabilitation Service

Paediatric Continence Service

Spina Bifida Service

Botulinum Toxin Service