Ward J2 - Adolescent, Day Stay & Sleep Unit


Ward J2 is divided into three sections - Adolescents (J2A), the Day Stay Unit (J2DS) and the Sleep Unit.

Ward J2A is a 12 bed ward for young people over the age of 12. Patients receive care from a wide range of surgical and medical teams including respiratory, endocrine, neurology, general medicine orthopaedics, and general surgery. We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for adolescent patients and their families, which is focused towards meeting their specialised needs. Patients are admitted to J2A through John Hunter Hospital Emergency Department, Outpatient clinics, direct from private specialist rooms or are transferred from another Hospital.

Ward J2DS is a 14 bed Day Stay Unit for children up to 18 years of age. Patients will be admitted to day stay for planned, day only medical admissions not requiring an overnight stay. All planned surgical admissions will be admitted to JHCH through J2DS  prior to theatre and either return to Day stay post theatre if you are a day only admission or progress to one of the other paediatric wards if you require an over night stay or longer. All patients coming to J2DS are booked via admissions or via our ward clerk on J2 during working hours.

The Sleep Unit operates Monday to Thursday from 3pm until 7am the following morning. The sleep unit provides care for children up to 18 years of age. All patients coming to the Paediatric Sleep Unit will come through Paediatric sleep clinic where you will have been seen by one of the paediatric respiratory consultants.



Private rooms

When you are admitted as a private patient we will try to accommodate you in a single room when possible.  There is also the possibility when you are put into a private room that you will be moved out to accommodate an infectious patient or a patient with a more serious condition.

This can occur at anytime during your admission.

Staying on J2

Throughout your stay on J2 you will meet many nursing staff. Each shift one nurse will be allocated to looking after your child and your family as a whole. We have a ‘Partnership in care' approach to caring for your child. You know your child the best and all staff are here to assist you with your sick child.

Children find security in their parents/carers and because of this we offer a place for ONE parent/carer to be with their child overnight, providing a bed beside their child. We understand that not all parents/carers are able to stay due to other commitments and therefore you may be able to make arrangements for another carer of your choice over the age of 18yrs to stay with your child while they are in hospital.

While in hospital the nursing staff and doctors will talk to you in person about your child, if you have any concerns please speak to your nurse or doctor. No information will be given out to anyone over the phone regarding your child.

Visiting hours are unlimited for parents and carers, other family may visit from 10am - 8pm (at the latest). We have strict visiting access for infectious patients; please check with your nurse before entering rooms, especially young children and the elderly.

Hot drinks (due to burns risk) are not permitted anywhere on the ward. If you would like to leave the ward to have a hot drink please talk to the nurse looking after your child and let them know you are leaving.

Going home

After being seen by your Doctor in the morning and you are told you are going home, there can be a wait for your paperwork. This is because the Doctors need to see all the other patients on the ward and attend to the paperwork for all families going home.

This paperwork is an important part of your hospital stay as it tells you what happened while you were in hospital and what to do when you go home. A copy of your paperwork will be sent to your nominated GP. If you require a medical certificate for work or day care please ask your Doctors when you are discussing going home.

Some children require medications when they go home and these will generally be supplied for a short period of time by the hospital. Pharmacy can sometimes take a little time to dispense your medication.

Transport back home will need to be arranged by the parent/carer. Some patients may need non-emergency patient transport to home via state ambulance. These patients will be assessed as being medically unable to make their own way home from hospital.

Contact Details

Ph: (02)49 213933