Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines

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Abdominal Pain - Acute Management in Infants and Children - HNE PCP

Abdominal Pain - Acute Management in Infants and Children - NSW Health Policy Directive

Admission - Indications for Admission to John Hunter ICU - Guideline

Admission - Services Designated Level 1 to 3 Paediatric Medicine & Surgery (Children & Adolescents)

Adoption of a child - Guidelines for Hospitals and Maternity Staff in Response to Parents Considering - Policy Directive

Allergies and Anaphylaxis - Management of Food Related Allergies in ED and JHCH (excl. NICU) - Guideline/Procedure

Altered Consciousness in Emergency Departments - Acute Management - NSW Health Policy Directive

Analgesia - Patient and Nurse Controlled - Protocol

Aridol© - Bronchial Challenge Test for paediatric patient in JHCH

Asthma - NSW Policy Directive for Acute Management

Asthma - Emergency Department Policy Compliance Procedure

Asthma education of Children and Families in JHCH Guideline



Bacterial Meningitis - Acute Management of Infants and Children Suspected - Emergency Departments - HNE PCP

Bacterial Meningitis - NSW Health Policy Directive

Bed Management - John Hunter Children's Hospital - Protocol

Blood Management and Administration of Blood and Blood Products for Neonatal and Paediatric Patients

Brain Injury Management (severe)

Bravery Beads in Paediatric Oncology - Use of Guideline

Breast Milk Expressed (EBM) - Freezing, Storage and Checking - Guideline

Bronchial Challenge Test using Aridol© (Mannitol) for paediatric patients at JHCH

Bronchiolitis - NSW Health Policy Directive

Bronchiolitis - HNE - PCP

Bronchiolitis - All HNE Emergency Departments - PCP

Bronchiolitis Management - JHCH (except NICU) - Guideline



C1 Esterase Inhibitor Deficiency / Administration of C1 Esterase Inhibitor

Care in Acute Settings for Children and Adolescents - NSW Policy Directive

Catheter Management - Urinary (Acute Care 0-18)

Central Venous Device (Portacaths/Infusaports) Management - Procedure

Central Venous Lines Management in JHCH (excl. NICU) - Guideline/Procedure

Chest Drain - Care and management of under water sealed chest drains in children - excluding neonates

Child Protection - Allegations, Charges and Convictions against Employees - NSW Health Policy Directive

Child Protection - Mandatory Reporter Guide

Child Protection - Management of Suspected Physical or Emotional Abuse or Neglect in Presentations of Children and Young People to JHCH, JHH or RNC - Guideline/Procedure

Child Protection - Protecting Children and Young People - Policy Directive

Circumcision of Normal Male Infants - NSW Health Policy Directive

Cleft Lip and Palate Management

Congenital Talipes Equinovarus Management in Infants and Children



Death - Management of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy - NSW Health Policy Directive

Death of a Child - Hospital Resource

Death of a Child - Hospital Resource/Flowcharts and Checklists

Detect Junior Manual

Deteriorating Paediatric Patient (Recognition) - Guideline

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) - Paediatric

Domestic Violence - Identifying and Responding - NSW Health Policy Directive

Double Maintenance Fluids (DMF) Management in Paediatric Oncology Patients

Dressings - Product Selection



Education - Urinary intermittent catheterisation for homecare and community (Parent/Child)

Emerson Cough Assist Mechanical In-Exsufflator - Guideline

Expressed breast milk with additives - freezing, storage and preparation in formula room



Factor VIII and Factor IX Administration for Patients with Haemophilia - Procedure

Febrile Neutropenia - Guideline

Feeding Difficulties in Children - A Guide for Allied Health Professionals

Fever - NSW Health Policy Directive

Fluid Management (Intravenous) for Children over 4kg - Guideline

Fracture - Initial Clinical Management of Isolated Closed Femoral Shaft Fractures - Guideline/Procedure



Gastroenteritis - Acute Management in Infants and Children - NSW Policy Directive



Head Injury - HNE PCP

Head Injury - NSW Health Policy Directive

Home and Community Visiting for Children, Young People & Families

Human Tissue - Consent to Removal of Regenerative Tissue by Young Children and Consent Form

Hypertonic Saline - Inhalation Therapy - Procedure



Immunisation - Children Overdue (active follow-up of) - NSW Health Policy Directive

Immunisation - Australian Childhood Immunisation Register - NSW Health Policy Directive

Information Sharing - NSW Health and DoCS - Opioid Treatment - Responsibility - Children Under 16 - NSW Health Policy Directive

Iron Sucrose Drug Prescribing Guideline

Intravenous Immunoglobulin Management

Isotretinoin for Paediatric Oncology - Drug Prescribing Guideline







Leech Therapy (Medical)

LMX4 Topical Anaesthetic for Children Aged over 1 Month - Drug Prescribing Guideline



Mannitol - Bronchial Challenge Test for paediatric patients in JHCH

Maternal and Child Health Primary Health Care - Policy

Medication Administration via Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion-Niki Syringe Driver T34

Medication Prescribing (Paediatric) - Guideline/Procedure

Mental Health - Children and Adolescents requiring Inpatient Care

Mental Health - Management of Children and Young People with Mental Health Presentations (Provision of Care Agreement between JHCH and NEXUS)

Mental Health - SAFE START Guidelines: Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Parents and Infants - Guideline

Mental Illness - Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) Framework for Mental Health Services

Mosaic tiles use in art therapy



Infants and Children Insertion and Confirmation of Placement of Nasogastric and Orogastric Tubes - Guideline

Neurovascular Assessment (Paediatric Orthopaedic)

Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Services (NETS) Charges - Policy Directive



Infants and Children Insertion and Confirmation of Placement of Nasogastric and Orogastric Tubes - Guideline

Oximetry (paediatric) and patient SafetyNet™ system

Oxygen therapy and delivery devices for paediatrics - Guideline



Paediatric Trauma Resource Manual

Pain: Infant and Children - Management of Acute and Procedural Pain in the Emergency Department

Pain: Infant and Children - Management of Acute and Procedural Pain in the Emergency Department - Appendix 1

Paracetamol - Safe administration of IV aged over 3 months (John Hunter Campus) - Policy

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Reinfusion (PBSC) for Autologous Transplantation in JHCH (Ward J1 - JHCH) - Guideline

Phonological Awareness Screening of pre-school aged children - Community Based Speech Pathology

Piperacillin/Tazobactam Drug Protocol

Positive expiratory pressure therapy/bubble PEP use in paediatrics (JHCH Paediatric Physiotherapy) - Guideline

Postassium Chloride in JHCH - Use of (exc NICU)  Guideline

Pressure Injury Screening in Outpatients and Community Settings

Procedural Care (Paediatric) - JHCH/JHH/RNC

Psychological Assessments - Cosigning by Speech Pathologists

Pulmozyme (dornase alpha) - Inhalation Therapy - Guideline/Procedure




Recognition of a Sick Baby or Child in ED - Acute Management - Policy Directive

Recognition of a Sick Baby or Child in ED - Acute Management - HNE PCP

Referrals - Emergency Paediatric Referrals - NSW Health Policy Directive

Rehabilitation - Paediatric Rehabilitation Inpatient Service

Respiratory Infection - Infection control management for children - JHCH (excl. NICU) - Guideline

Respiratory Pathology Samples Collection

Rituximab - Drug Protocol



Safety and Security in NSW Acute Health Facilities (Children and Adolescents) - Policy Directive

Safe Administration of Medications in JHCH

Seizures: Acute Management of in Infants and Children

Sepsis: Paediatric Sepsis Pathway 2016

Sepsis: Paediatric Antibiotic Guideline for Severe Spesis and Septic Shock 2016

Sepsis: Paediatric Blood Culture Guideline 2016

Sick Baby or Child in ED (Recognition of) - Acute Management - Policy Directive

Sick Baby or Child in ED (Recognition of) - Acute Management - HNE PCP

Specialling - Patients requiring additional supervision: assessing the need for specialling

Speech Pathology Pathway - Aboriginal Children

Speech Pathology - Community Based Service Delivery

Speech Pathology - Out of Home Care Processes

Subcutaneous infusion - administration of medications through Niki Syringe driver T34 & CADD Legacy PCA Pump



Tonsillectomy (post and post adenotonsillectomy) - Guideline

Toy Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities - Guideline

Traction - Bilateral Lower Limb (Gallow's)

Traction - Hamilton Russell Traction

Traction - Straight Leg Traction

Transfers - Critical Care Hospital Transfer - Paediatrics - NSW Health Policy Directive

Transfers - Critical Care Hospital Transfer - Perinatal - NSW Health Policy Directive

Transfers - Inter-Facility - Children and Adolescents - NSW Health Policy Directive

Transfers - HNE Health Paediatric Patients - Guideline

Transition to adult health care providers for young people with a chronic childhood condition - Guideline

Tuberculosis in Children and Adolescents - Guideline



Urine - Clean Catch Factsheet










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