Got It!


The Got It! team is based within the school environment for two terms and has two components of service delivery: 

  1. a universal program and 
  2. a small group program

Small Group Program

The small group program is run by mental health clinicians and is a unique package consisting of multi-group, attachment based interventions for children and their parent/carer. This supports parenting practices and strengthens family units to improve social skills, emotional resilience and self-esteem in children. The small group runs weekly for a school term within school hours.

Universal Program

The universal program is delivered by teachers within the school and is offered to all children in K-2. The universal program addresses similar topics to the small group and aims to improve emotional recognition, social and friendship skills and develop problem solving and coping strategies. The Got It! Clinicians train the teachers to deliver the evidence based program in the classroom setting.

First term: The first term that Got It! is within the school is the ‘set up’ phase. This involves a process of assessing all children in Kindergarten, year 1 and 2 and short listing to determine the small group participants. During this phase, teaching staff are also provided with professional learning by the Got It! team so they can facilitate the universal program.

Second term: The second term is the ‘intervention’ phase. This involves the implementation of the universal program and the small group program.